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Code Class was inspired to foster creativity and critical thinking skill in every kids through coding. We believe that the next generation of the world class professionals and leaders need to be prepared and well positioned with not just digital information but hands-on digital skill for now and future tech dominating world. That is why, we are committed to help your pupils/students and kids achieve excellence in this global relevant skill through our trainings designed to inspire and encourage every child to think, act and create.

Why coding

Technology has become essential tool in every aspect of our lives and gradually becoming more prominent to our existence and survival in present and future world.

Every proffession and other aspects of human lives now depends on technology for effectiveness and efficiency. As a result, coding which is a very important part of technology as become popular.

Coding activities Whether in it's beginning, intermediate or advanced level, kids are pushed to expand their horizons, experiment, solve problems and accept failure as a means to success.

Coding curriculum or activities are key areas in building knowledge and shaping the future of young kids. Kids are taught amazing concepts; love for exploring , discovering , learning and creating, which in the main time builds potentials.

Code Class projects are fun, creative and support each child in understanding how to solve problems by breaking them down into smaller chunks. A really great life skill.

In addition, the training is to engage children in Computer Science, and allow them to gain a practical understanding of maths and science principles.

School coding

We provide curriculum based coding program for pupils/students in schools. The coding class in schools is aimed at imparting skills and establishing a benchmark in IT education for students in Nigerian primary and secondary schools.


Code tutorial

To meet up with the needs of parents who are passionate to help their kids achieve or gain this coding skills and learn in their pace. A private online/off-line coding class is available for kids


Code center

Bridging the gap in technological skills between our kids and their counterparts in developed countries by making coding accessible for every children as a fundermental skills after learning how to read and write. We have coding centers across lagos where children get necessary coding skills after school and weekends.



Scratch programming

For Kids ( Ages 5-8 ), The class immerses students into using scratch as a vehicle for guiding primary school pupils towards an effective understanding of programming, mathematics, art, technology and engineering principles. The students will build their animation story, games etc using scratch.


App inventor

App inventor

For Pre-Teens ( Ages 9-12 ),This class will help students to understand programming in a fun context. It allows pupils to be creative and solve problems. It helps students to understand the logics behind developing Mobile Apps as most projects can work directly on Android Mobile Phones.




For Pre-Teens ( Ages 9-12 ),It is a fact that any kind of programming will be incomplete if the basic HTML and CSS code will not be inserted into it. They are both essential and important part of any website. Students will be introduced to these important makeup languages .


App inventor


For Teens ( Ages 13-17),Python is a programming language that is remarkably easy to learn. It is widely used by a number of big companies like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, yahoo!, Nokia etc. At the codeclass, students will learn how to code using python.



Starting August, Summer coding Online/ Offline classes for kids.

summer coding class

Coding is fun and kids are always fasinated when they learn how to code.

Children coding

Better way to start and ignite your kids interest in Coding.Download the minecraft Click Here

Minecraft Hour of code

Discovering and understanding how technology works help to broaden children knowledge.


Learning Robotics is a fascinating part of science and gives the children hands on experience.


Coding projects are fun which makes learning how to code fun for children.

Kids coding

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